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Welcome to PeterLynn Labels, a leading UK provider of digital labels to a wide array of individuals and business operations. Based in Northamptonshire since 1985, our growth has been a result of our constant drive to keep ahead of the curve of the latest technological advancements, as well as our dedication to client care.

We understand that being able to create the perfect combination of materials, adhesive, design, print and finish are all vital in how labels are able to perform. Labels aren't used just to inform people of what's inside the packaging, they are the representation of a brand, an opportunity to communicate your values and culture. Ultimately, the right packaging will often be the difference in a particular product being sold or not.

Using our vast knowledge, experience and design finesse, we are able to produce stunning-looking labels on a wide array of materials to help yourbrands to stand out, inform and reassure your customers that they are investing in a high-quality product. With a fast turnaround from artwork approval to delivery, we can create you your ideal labels, stickers and packaging to whatever timescale you require.

Our Range of Printed Labels

Being ISO9001 and ISO14001 approved, you can feel rest assured that with PeterLynn, you will receive labels that are extremely high in quality and abide by all industry and safety standards. Additionally, beingZerolabels2Landfill accredited, we ensure that all waste materials are recycled, using the Prismm Environmental waste management scheme.

Whatever type of product you're looking to produce, whether it's just a single run or multiple runs of different labels for different varieties, just a selection of what we're able to produce, includes:

  • Food and drink labels.
  • Health and beauty labels.
  • Medical labels.
  • Footwear labels.
  • Retail labels.
  • Pet product labels.
  • Automotive labels.
  • Barcode labels.
  • Stickers for chemical products.
  • Tags for electricals.
  • We are also able to supply blank labels and pre-printed labels on an extensive range of self-adhesive materials.

Dependent upon the type of printed labels you need (the materials they're printed on or the environments that they'll be present in), your budget or design preference, there is a wide range of printing options to choose from. We have a range of different types of printing presses and materials, having supplied labels to many well known brands whose products can be found in retailers' such as Boots and Next – underlining our quality and dedication to service.

The different printing processes we can offer, include:

Digital Printed Labels

As computer technology has transformed most industries in the last few decades, the printing world is no different. Taking a digital image of your design(s), a computer terminal will realign its orientation before producing your custom labels on rolls. Digital printing is the quickest and easiest way to print your custom labels.

The other advantages of digital printed labels include:

  • A high resolution, even for smaller prints or any tiny details.
  • A photographic image quality that can even be compared to pictures in magazines.
  • A custom number of labels; unlike other printing processes that may require a set number of labels to be produced, digital printing offers a completely-customisable print job. Ideal for smaller budgets.

We use Xeikon digital printing presses that produce high quality, full-colour labels on a range of materials. With digital printing requiring no plates to be produced, it is ideal for short-to-medium runs across multiple sorts. As our printers are able to produce 1200dpi images, you will get a premium quality finish, as well as the option of adding laminates, varnishes, spot inks and foiling details.

Flexographic Printed Labels

The process of flexographic, direct rotary printing sees a raised image impressed into a flexible relief surface. This then turns the image out onto the materials that need to be pressed. If you think about how traditional 'letterpress-style' devices (that essentially 'stamp' images and words onto paper), flexographics work in a similar way.

The main advantages of flexo printed labels includes:

  • A wide variety of ink types, many of which require little or no drying time.
  • Enables printing on a wide variety of different porous and non-porous surfaces.
  • Print millions of images with one template, thanks to the flexo printer's easy plate-making process.
  • Continuous patterns and solid colours can be created with flexographic printers.
  • Flexographic printing offers a great balance of durability and safety for any food-related products.

Our flexographic printing is used for medium and large volumes of labels. Using high-quality inks, we are able to print images in up to eight colours, as well as adding a coat of varnish to the label for protection against marking. We also have the capacity to print on the reverse side of the label (the adhesive) – which makes them especially ideal to use as food and cooking labels.

Hot Foil Labels

The most economical of all printing processes, hot foil printing is great for short runs of labels or specialist work. The process works as a combination of three different methods; heat, pressure and a high-quality foiling material. Firstly, the die is attached to the foiling machine and heated up. Then the material is placed between the die and the substrate used for printing. Lastly, pressure is then applied by the pulling of the lever of the machine to bring the substrate and foiling material together to adhere to one another.

Their advantages include:

  • Great for high visibility and capturing attention, hot foil labels are able to create a strong image that gets noticed. Ideal for anything from producing warnings on electrical labels to making the product more visually appealing.
  • Placing extra 'perceived value' on the packaging; associating the product with a 'higher quality'.
  • As the only printed process that can create metallic labels, hot foil printing is able to offer a range of colour options. Anything from metallic gold to silver, red to purple – anything you need.

Hot foil labelling from PeterLynn Labels can be laminated with either matt or gloss clear polyester to provide label protection against water, abrasions and chemicals.

Thermal Transfer Labels

Used for the printing of variable information, such as prices, sell-by dates, ingredients and bar codes, thermal transfer labels are able to offer the final finishing flourishes to great-looking labels.

The thermal transfer printer uses a ribbon with the print head in order to provide colour to the material that is being printed on. The advantages of thermal transfer labels include:

  • Their durability makes them ideal for products that have been designed to have a long shelf life or need to exist in harsh environments.
  • Great resolution for any barcodes, text or graphics.
  • A great choice of colours (depending on the colour of the labels); from black, blue, red, green or white.

Please feel free to browse our website for more information on the many different labels and printing options we have available.

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