TAMPER01-Tamper evident labels

PeterLynn offer a range of materials perfect for warranty void, tamper evident or other security label applications. Our tamper-proof materials are used for a range of label applications, including;

Asset Labels on IT equipment

Warranty Labels on products or packaging

Security Seal Labels on boxes or bags

Marking promotion use only products

Polyester VOID Options

We stock white and silver high quality VOID Polyester materials. With high performance adhesives these labels are designed to be difficult to remove, and in addition will leave the word VOID on the label itself as well as the item it has been removed from.

In addition we now offer chainlink and chequerboard options if preferred.

Our high end polyester VOID labels can be printed with your artwork and then laminated for extra protection. Additionally we can print serial numbers and barcodes if required.

More unique options include a fully customisable tamper evident material which reveals your own personalised text if the label is removed. For example Warranty Void These are only available for high volume applications due to the minimum order cost for a custom material.

Destructible Vinyl and Acetate

Our Self Destruct vinyl labels are virtually impossible to remove in one piece. The destructible label breaks into tiny pieces if anyone tries to remove it, discouraging unauthorised asset transfers. Choose this product for indoor assets only, when a high level of security is needed. The label is made to fracture if tampered with. This product has a low to moderate resistance to heat, scuffing and chemicals.

Destructible vinyl labels can be printed with a bar code or company logo and details, or to your own design or specification. Self Destruct vinyl is perfect for asset labelling.


Foamtac is an excellent tamper evident material which is used as a base material for security labeling. It offers a versatile tamper evident film which can be supplied in any shape or size - yet will fracture on attempted removal. This performance is obtained via its unique structure which consists of a relatively strong print skin, and a foamed under surface layer which will split if the label is removed after application. Typical applications are for secure closures in pharmaceutical, electronics and automotive spares applications. It is recommended to add security cuts into the label.

Other options to provide tamper evidence include special cutters with security cuts ensuring a label cannot be removed in one piece, as well as perforation options which make it obvious when a seal is broken.

Free samples

PeterLynn has an extensive range of samples which we can supply free of charge for testing. Just speak to one of our experienced team about your project today!


  • High quality materials
  • Include full colour digital print
  • Variable data or barcodes no problem
  • Free samples for testing
  • Fast turnaround to meet your requirements

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