Digitally Printed Labels – For All Requirements, Large or Small

If you're searching for a way to present your products in better-defined detail, digitally printed labels can help your items to stand out on the shelf. Digital printing presses can create a vast array of labels covering every industry (and requirement) imaginable – from health and beauty labels to beer labels, social distancing floor markings through to asset labels; regardless of your labelling requirement, digital can do it all, better than any other type of printing.

Why Digitally Printed Labels?

When compared against 'traditional' flexographic printing, digital printing offers a far more cost-effective and time-saving option to print labels. Digital printers can produce labels in high resolution in crisp, superb, photographic clarity (even those tiny details and small print). Not only that, but you can also customise your print runs – no having to pay for extra plates or materials that you won't use. This only leads to fast print turnaround times and a reduced cost per unit price.

Other, more subtle benefits of digitally printed labels include:

  • Flexibility. To keep on top of their markets, product labelling will need to change from time-to-time. Whether it's to update the design of the current label (for a promotional drive, logo change, etc), or for some new information – digital labels can be edited on a computer and printed from there. Flexographic printers will require brand-new plates to be created each time a change to the labels is made – not only proving to be costly but more time-consuming too. All this cost for, potentially, one small change. Without the worry about cost or time, brands will be able to relax safe in knowing that they can make the changes at a time that suits them – perhaps even freeing up more creativity to be bestowed on their labels too.
  • Encourage brand loyalty. Thanks to the quick, flexible design process, digitally printed labels can be used to take advantage of modern innovations. Great examples of these include the QR code and/or Augmented Reality; variable data labels provide extra elements that will not only encourage new customers but also build a brand around the product too.
    QR codes can be used to provide something simple, like a link to a web page containing more information, a special offer or social media interaction. Augmented Reality, on the other hand, can transform the label into an interactive experience; providing them with an on-the-spot insight into the product.
    Including elements like these on digital labels, it's likely that a brand will be seen as forward-thinking and willing to cater for its customer base; often, it's this high regard that sees people return to buy the same product time-and-again.
  • Personality. While good products give the customer what they want, great products give them what they want and evoke an emotional response, making them feel involved in the brand. Take Coca-Cola's 'Share a Coke' campaign as an example; they placed individual names of people on their bottles and cans, leading to an overwhelmingly positive outlook for the brand and naturally, an increase in sales. This was achieved thanks to the flexibility offered by digital labels.
    While worldwide brands such as Coca-Cola can undertake vast marketing campaigns such as these, any business, of any size, can take advantage of the personality that can be placed on their labels. Perhaps the same product is sold in different regions of the country? Maybe you want to hold a competition that sees each bottle have a unique code printed on the label? Whatever the idea, brands can produce multiple labels as part of the same print run – the flexibility of placing a personality on the brand for customers to connect with.
    Interested in learning more? Then consider getting in touch with our labelling experts today.

Choose Peter Lynn For High-Quality Digital Printing

By choosing Peter Lynn for digitally printed labels, you will be taking advantage of, not just high-quality labels created on the most innovative printers around but also a personable, dedicated service too.

Our labels are printed on our super-fast Xeikon CX3 digital press that is ideal for short, medium or long runs. Digitally-printed labels are ideal for those who require different label designs or varieties. With digital printing, there are no additional costs in regards to its set-up or plates – this helps to keep the cost of print runs down, resulting in quicker, better and cheaper labels.

Our printing press offers a superb 1200dpi high resolution, as well as a range of finishing options that include spot colours, varnishes, laminates and the option to include additional foiling details. These finishing options can really help your labels stand out – vital if your products will be placed onto a shelf against competitors.

What separates our service from our own competitors is our attention to customer service. As the vast majority of the digitally printed labels we produce are bespoke, made to fit a unique brand, we go the extra mile to acquaint ourselves with our customers. We like to learn about their business, their products, what they want to achieve, their philosophies and beliefs, etc. This is the best way to ensure that the labels we produce fit our customers, creating unique labels that are more than just an instruction or generic advert – they work to connect to the people viewing them, inhibiting an emotional response.

Why not consider getting in touch with the digital label printing experts here at PeterLynn to learn more?

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